Prabhu further said the airline industry is a dynamic industry which requires continuous adjustment according to global and domestic needs.

Amidst turbulent times of the domestic airlines industry.Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Civil Avation has said that government cannot interfere in their-day-to-day operations.He further said that efficient operations and financial performance are individual responsibilities of the carriers.“In view of intense competition, rising costs, shortage of pilots and grounding of planes is hurting many domestic carriers.[Fashion Spring Color Blocking Trend Tips Outfit]

“It is our endeavor to support the industry, however, as stated we cannot interfere in day to-day operations of the airlines,” he noted.[Bitcoin Transactions Work Do How]

Source: http://tourismbreakingnews.com/airlines-responsible-for-their-own-financial-performance-government-cannot-interfere-suresh-prabhu/

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