Best for:

    Photography fans Beautiful color photos to really help visualize the city Focus on history and culture Detailed diagrams of attractions and museums

Page Count: 328 Weight: 14.4 ounces

Fodor’s Paris

Composed by locals, this comprehensive guidebook covers everything you need to see the classic Paris attractions for travelers at all price points (from budget to deluxe).

Each attraction, restaurant, shop, and hotel listed is given a star rating, which makes it easy to find the standouts.[Bitcoin Cash Current BCH Price]

Our favorite Paris guidebooks

Are you planning a trip to Paris? Here is a selection of travel guides to Paris that I recommend you pick up before your excursion.

Best for:

    All types of travelers Covers a variety of price ranges Detailed restaurant reviews Sound tips for visiting the big attractions

Page Count: 320 Weight: 12 ounces

DK Eyewitness Paris

Known for its emphasis on photography and attention to detail, DK makes Paris comes alive on the pages of this guide.[In Six Spain Easter Traditions]

It includes a few highlights for each neighborhood, but the real attraction is the easy-to-use maps.Now that’s our kind of guide!

Best for

    Budget and middle-budget travelers Detailed walking tours Good, affordable “classic French” restaurant recommendations Great, detailed tips for the city’s biggest hits, like the Louvre

Page Count: 713 Weight: 12.8 ounces

Lonely Planet Paris

One of the most iconic brands in travel, Lonely Planet has created a close-to-perfect Paris guidebook.There’s no need to wait for a Wi-Fi connection, just open a page, get your bearings, and start exploring.

Best for:

    Neighborhood explorers Wide coverage of the city including outer districts Good nightlife listings Handy lists on what to see and when to go

Page Count: 416 Weight: 12.5 ounces

Frommer’s EasyGuide to Paris

A thorough guide to the City of Light, Frommer’s is a straightforward guidebook with little filler.[Of Temples Oldest Temple Shiva Kailasanathar Kanchipuram In]


Note: This post contains links to Amazon.com, which has an affiliate relationship with EuroCheapo.And best of all, Steves’ style is unpretentious and filled with goofy puns.

Best for:

    History Buffs Fun reading for the plane and hotel Walking tour maps National Geographic enthusiasts

Page Count: 272 Weight: 12.6 ounces

Paris Knopf Mapguide

If sometimes you just want to wander, we recommend throwing this compact map book into your backpack.[Cafes Top In 5 Yangon The]

I always travel with a handy friend — a Paris guidebook.

Rick Steves Paris

The godfather of cheap and local travel in Europe, Rick Steves never goes out of style. You won’t find many photos, but you won’t care with so much detailed information on attractions, restaurants, and museums.[For Culture Buffs 8 Must Do Events]

It also includes information on small, family-run hotels that just ooze with charm.Thank you!

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Filled with lots of photography, there are also plenty of juicy historical details to keep you reading late into the night from your Paris hotel room.[Photos In Year 2018]

.Any purchase you make helps support EuroCheapo and our team of writers.And although I’ve strolled down the streets many times and know my way around a fair bit, I still like to have a little help by my side.

While apps and websites can help you plan your journey before you leave (this one included!), there’s nothing like having a guidebook by your side as you hit the ground.Small enough to fit in your back pocket, you can fold it back up before anyone sees that you’re a tourist!

Best for:

    Map lovers Great for exploring beyond the center Easy-to-carry in your back pocket Nice price

Page Count: 48 Weight: 6.4 ounces

Your favorite guidebook?

Do you have a favorite guidebook for Paris? Tell us why it’s your preferred guide in our comments section below.[December Of Terms 2018 Use 18 Updated]

There’s plenty of culture and history inside along with nice bonuses like detailed museum floor plans.

We especially love the “If you like…” section for inspiration.[In 30 Room Hotel 2019 To By Lords Mid Open Lucknow Hotels]

Best for:

    First-time visitors Covering all the highlights Packed with Paris essentials Trusted travel brand

Page Count: 400 Weight: 12 ounces

National Geographic Traveler Paris

If you’re a fan of the magazine, then this book will be right up your alley.

It also has good coverage of dining and shopping, so you can enjoy some of the best foodie experiences in Paris.[Dance Uluwatu The And Kecak Temple Monkey]<

Paris is always at the top of my list when I’m drawing up vacation plans for the year.From helpful lists on what to see to insider secrets for local favorites, this guidebook has a bit of everything.
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