Getting Around Arriving from Almirante

You’ll arrive into Bocas town by plane or ferry boat from Almirante.It has 2 12 bed dorms, private rooms, a full restaurant, pool, hammocks, and of course… a SLIDE into the ocean! They run on a tab system which means you don’t have to pay until the end of your stay, making it easy to pop up for a happy hour drink from the pool.

Many Places Don’t Accept Card: Because of how simple the islands are, many places only accept cash.People don’t realize that picking them up out of the water kills them and the oils on your hands can harm them.It’s very recent and no one could tell me why.You get all giddy inside and can’t wait to visit, so much so that you want to speed through the rest of wherever you are just to get there faster.[March 8211 Diego 2019 Top In San To Do Things 12 17]

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.Often you can get a deal if you’re a large group

Bike Rental

Renting bicycles is cheap and easy in Bocas Town.It’s truly the picture perfect island you see in travel magazines.There are tons of coves to explore, white pristine beaches to wander, and clear blue water to float in.But it’s quiet and beautiful and a trip to Oasis B&B for lunch makes for a great day.[Scam Robot Beware Of]

Palmar Beach Lodge is a fantastic jungle oasis right on the beach with bungalows, tents and shared dorms.

Filthy Friday

If you’re traveling through Central America for any length of time or have spent even just a few hours in Bocas, you’ve probably heard of Filthy Friday.

Bocas del Toro is a collection of islands in the Northwest of Panama.It’s easily accessible, chilled, and beautiful.Their servings are HUGE and amazing quality, so I can’t complain about that.Another sad effect of tourism.[Poker How To HoldEm Casino Play]

Aqua Lounge

This hotel/bar/lounge is the last stop for Filthy Friday and generally a really fun place to be.There’s minimal room to bargain and pricing is usually written up on a board, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.It’s the best way to get to Bluff beach, but be sure to lock your bikes up if you’re leaving them for any length of time.


Also, there’s been a strange occurrence of small, clear, needle-like deposits in the sand that stab your feet and are nearly impossible to get out.Stay at Twin Fin or Calypso hostel if you need to be in town.[Travel New Spring 5 Recommendations Solo]

Starfish Beach

Easily the most popular beach because of the starfish, this beach has actually had a steady decline of the residents.However if you’re on a budget, it may be stretching your wallet.

Isla Solarte The Blue Coconut

This bar on stilts sits in the ocean and is only accessible by boat.While there are still starfish, their numbers have vastly diminished because of tourists picking them up for photos.While there are a few places to grab a bite, the best is by far the pizza stand run by the nicest Italian man.To be honest, it’s not the cleanest and having a local bother you to buy a boat tour every 10 ft gets a little annoying.It’s one of those places that you hear travelers raving about as you move through the area.It made for a very unpleasant beach day and I actually suggest picking a different beach.[Marketplace Introducing Technology Surveillance]

Boat is the primary means of transport from island to island and pricing ranges from $1 to $5 usd.3 days turned into 5 which turned into a week + countless new friends.

Bocas Town

The town itself is the hub for all grocery shopping, errands, nightlife, and transport.It’s a day long, bar hopping party that takes place every Friday and it gets crazy.You visit 3 bars and get sufficiently crazier by the end of the evening.There’s a high dive, trampoline, indoor/outdoor bar, and DJ’s playing music ranging from House to Reggae.[Us In Food Discover The Vienna Delicacies With 124]

Extra Tips

Bring: Bathing Suits, cover-ups, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses

Money: There’s only 1 ATM in the whole area and it’s in Bocas Town.It’s a wooden lodge up on the hill overlooking the water.Again, make sure to bring a good supply

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Affiliate links may be used in this post which may give me a small commission when clicked on or purchased through.I’d suggest only staying in town if you want a crazy night out or if you have a super early boat the next morning.

Bambuda Lodge

This is easily one of my favorite hostels I’ve ever stayed in.From here, you’ll have to catch a boat to whatever island you’re staying on or you can walk to you accommodation in Bocas Town.[In 30 Room Hotel 2019 To By Lords Mid Open Lucknow Hotels]

Eat at Hungry Monkey for breakfast/brunch

Drink at Summer (one of the stops for Filthy Friday) or Green Iguana.[Australia 5 Adelaide The Around And In Foodie Hotspots Top]

Isla Caranero Bibi’s Beach

I LOVE Bibi’s.It’s the first stop for Filthy Friday and it’s by far my favorite.

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Bambuda Lodge Bastimientos

All of this island is absolutely breathtaking.Make sure to have some extra cash in case your card magically doesn’t work like mine didn’t.[Authy Introducing Push]

I DON’T suggest booking into the Selina’s.Hire kayaks for the day to explore the hidden parts of the island.

Red Frog Beach

Selina’s Red Frog is a nice option for budget friendly accommodation on the island.[2019 41 Analysis 7 Week Price Weekly ]

Here is the Best of Bocas del Toro The Islands Isla Colon Bluff Beach

This beach is accessible by a 45 minute bike ride from Bocas Town.He’ll lay out in his mankini with his dogs until a customer approaches.The rip tide and current are very strong and the waves are always massive, so I don’t suggest actually swimming here.This monopolizes meals and the dinners can get pretty pricey – up to $15 a plate.You can hire a snorkeling tour or just take a boat over.Then, he’ll run up to take your order, make your customized pizza, and deliver it to you right on the beach with a special table for eating in the sand, then go back to sunning himself on his floatie.

At least, this is how I felt and it turned about to be everything I wanted and more.It was the most awful service and value for money of anywhere I’ve stayed.If you’ve been in Bocas longer than a few days, you’re likely to see tons of people you know, which I loved because it just felt like a big bar crawl with all my new friends.[130 To From Bucharest Flights For TUNISIA SUMMER]

The only downside is that they don’t offer a kitchen to cook or store your own food/drinks.
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