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Angels Wings Provides Air Transport For Military Families

Angels Wings was founded to provide transportation services for military families. In the United
States alone, more than 10,000 military funerals are held each month. Since most funerals are
conducted at the hospital, air transport is essential for these patients. But what are the options
for patients requiring immediate transport to a medical facility? The first option is the use of a
private aircraft. This option can be expensive, but it’s worth it for the comfort and peace of mind
that it gives to patients and their families.
For those in need, charitable air transportation can be a lifesaver. Several organizations
coordinate volunteer flights to benefit patients in need. The Air Charity Network, or ACNet, has
recognized many of the nonprofit organizations that provide free air transportation. These
programs offer a variety of services. The volunteers fly for charities that are primarily aimed at
enhancing the lives of veterans. The service also provides gas cards to make long trips
Angel Flight Southeast is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It
is the largest aviation charity in the world. They arrange flights for people suffering from cancer,
heart disease, or traumatic events. They also help the families of veterans who have undergone
military service. Their volunteer pilots own the aircraft used for patient transportation. Planes
used for this purpose range in size, from small single-engine planes to twin-engine pressurized
cabin class aircraft.
Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic coordinates air transportation for veterans and medical needs. Last
year, they coordinated more than 2,000 free flights across the United States. The pilots who fly
for these patients have their own private jets, which range from four-seat single-engine aircraft to
larger twin-engine pressurized aircraft. All planes undergo annual inspections and have the
necessary certifications. However, the most challenging aspect of the program is getting the
volunteers to fly for a patient.
Throughout the United States, Angel Flights coordinate flights to medical treatment destinations
for veterans and their families. The organization has an extensive network of volunteer pilots in
the United States, and they fly patients in small planes operated by their own volunteers. The
volunteer pilots have different levels of training, but all are vetted to ensure the safety of the
patients. The flights are not just for veterans, but also for those who need to travel with their
The Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic uses more than 550 volunteer pilots to provide free air
transportation for medical and humanitarian needs. They coordinate more than 2,000 flights last
year in the United States. Each of the volunteer pilots is a member of the Air Charity Network,
the largest integrated volunteer aviation organization. The planes are used to provide
transportation for veterans in need. Most of these flights are for military and hospital visits.
Those involved in these missions are often the beneficiaries of Angel Wings’ programs.
The charity is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping veterans in need. Their mission is to
provide free air transportation for veterans, patients, and other important people. The program
uses volunteers from all walks of life and specializes in providing transportation for military and
veteran families. It has no set time requirement. There are no fees for the flights and the pilots
are volunteers, and no one will profit from the flights. If you are in need of a flight, Angel Wings
can help.
The charity has many programs throughout the country to provide free air transportation. The
service is also a way to show appreciation for veterans. There are many charities in need of free
air transportation. Among them are Angel Wings Mid-Atlantic, which uses volunteer pilots from
various areas of the country. In the U.S., the organization works with organizations that support
the military. The nonprofit’s volunteer pilots can provide medical care for those in need.
Angel Wings Mid-Atlantic focuses on the needs of veterans. They coordinate free air
transportation for military personnel and veterans, who are in need of medical treatment. There
are many types of flights that are free for veterans. They can travel to hospitals, or go on to
clinics. Whether you need a flight for a long-distance trip, Angel Wings will find a way to provide
air transport for your loved one.

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